Re-Enrollment Procedures

  1. All students wishing to return must meet registration guidelines for returning students. Their application will be reviewed by the registration committee for such things as academic needs and achievements, financial responsibility.

  2. Testing: The testing of all new students will be at the discretion of the Director. The test results will dictate what grade the student is offered.

  3. Interview: The school reserves the right to interview all new and returning students. An interview may be considered a requirement for registration.

  4. Information Release:  Parents must sign and an authorization to release information form.  This form may be used to secure information about a student from a prior learning facility.

  5. Personal File: Adhering to state statutes and school requirement, students may not attend school if their student file is incomplete. A student file is complete when it contains the following: Copy of birth certificate or proof of age, Application, Health Records, Emergency information card, Transcript record of course/report card, Acceptance of student handbook, and Signed authorization.

  6. Withdrawal : If a student is to be withdrawn, a parent must be present in the office to sign a student withdrawal form. All original copies of documents and forms from the student file will be returned to the parent within one day. The school will make copies that shall remain in the student's permanent record. Student records are withheld if a student's account is not up to date. High school transcripts are forwarded to other schools via regular mail, upon receiving proper requests. School records will be available one day after request. High school transcripts will only be mailed, faxed, or emailed to another school; transcripts will be given to students or parents. Students records include all documents in a student file.

  7. Release: Registration of a student represents the parent's acceptance of the policy handbook and that the school will have the final authority over school matters. The school may use the name and picture of any student, friend or family member of a student for distribution via public media such as newspapers, television, internet, etc. The school reserves the right to modify any and all terms of this handbook at any time.